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AAT always has an eye out for individuals looking to learn and utilize their skills with us.



Software Developer

Team heads coordinate and manage duties ranging from improving efficiencies in our current code to integrating the newest solutions into the AAT system.



Service Representative

Our Reps out in-the-field enjoy travelling around and meeting up directly with Clients on a daily basis to assist and make sure everything is set-up correctly.



General Manager

Account & Project Managers are hands-on professionals who interact with Clients acting as a liason with the different AAT departments.



Application Developer

Application designers work closely with our development teams to make all the AAT software solutions mobile and create new mobile solutions that interact with our hardware.

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Typically, we take on students that are in their final year of studies and are looking to complete an internship with us in order to complete their studies. Many students are often invited to stay and are made an offer upon completion of their school program.

Our work environment is a quiet place to work. If you're looking for a very social place to work, this is not the place. We are friendly, but our office environment is a quiet place where most people are hard at work.

Yes. Our internship positions are paid and we will pay according to your experience.

As a new employee, the answer is no. But as you gain experience and we feel that you are comfortable with your work we can later transition to having some days of working remotely. We prefer to have our team together, working together as much as possible.

The answer could be yes depending on where you are located and planning to provide your service. Please contact us with more details.